An open and informal lecture aimed at artists and anyone who is interested in drawing and painting the landscape.

This talk will demonstrate: what to look for, how to see in depth, observing colour and composition.

Focusing on subtle changes in a seemingly simple motif will give time to absorb and reflect on the essential without being distracted by the subjects.
Landscape and Light
Introduction to the nude in art and my own approaches

The Nude

Showing the evolution of my abstract landscape painting.

Inspired by Landscape

Drawing from the Figure  

A lecture offering a good opportunity to see a range of drawings in different media of the female nude; showing work completed over a number of years consistently and continuously motivated by a singularomplex response to the human form


Observations on Cézanne's paintings and his legacy

Contemporary Art - Inspiration or Desperation

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

An introduction to the evolution of contemporary art going some way towards explaining why it is a necessary creative route for so many artists 

Wood Engraving

My use of the medium for topographical landscapes, illustrations and extended use of the techniques. Creating colour and depth in black and white.